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      Affectionately known as "Pastor Bob", Robert Pavlacka and his wife Tina have been Senior Pastors at New Life Family Church since 1991. Pastor Bob and Pastor Tina got married in July of 1985. They both studied at Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma and after graduating they moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, where Pastor Bob became the assistant Pastor to Freddie Naranjo at Tabernacle of Praise. 

      While at Tabernacle of Praise in Texas, Pastor Bob also served as the principal of the school there and a youth Pastor. Tina also pursued a degree in nursing and became an RN. Eventually, after lots of prayer and consideration Pastor Bob and Pastor Tina felt led to come to North Carolina. In the fall of 1991, Pastor Bob became the Pastor of New Life Ministries in High Point, North Carolina, and soon changed the name to New Life Family Church. Pastor Tina started work as a nurse in the NICU at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, a position she still holds today. 

      They have two daughters, Micah and Lauren. Micah is a North Carolina Bar Certified Paralegal for a local family law practice. Micah and her husband Sean have two sons, Lincoln and Oliver. Micah and Sean are very active in the church with Micah serving as a Youth Leader and Sean leading the media department, among other things. Lauren is a recent graduate of Appalachian State University. She now lives in Mooresville, North Carolina, where she works full time as a Mental Health Specialist for young boys in full-time care. 


      Born in January of 1958. Raised as an atheist, Bob became involved in drugs at a very early age. Smoking pot by 12 and dealing LSD by 9th grade in South Brunswick, New Jersey. By 18 he was an IV drug user and Crystal Meth addict.


      Over the next 7 years, his drug usage consumed him as he hitchhiked across the country, from New Jersey to California and the Canadian border to the gulf. His early years were "living under bridges and eating out of garbage cans."

      On September 11, 1983, after staying up all night drinking with a friend, he went to a service at Church On the Way in Van Nuys, California. It was then that he received salvation and was instantly delivered by Jesus Christ. Pastor Bob never again did drugs, smoked a cigarette, or had premarital sex.  After dedicating his life to God, he started serving at his local church and soon pursued Bible college at Rhema Bible Training School. He met his wife Tina at Church on the Way in California and married her in 1985.  His testimony is nothing shy of a miracle and a true testament to the power of Jesus Christ.

To hear Pastor Bob's full testimony, click the link below:

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