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New Life Family Church, where we endeavor to let God's Love, God's Spirit, and God's Word govern everything we think do and say!

Whether you're looking for a church to visit or are already a member here at New Life, I think it would be good to state, or re-state, our "vision" or purpose here.

In a very general summarization, we want to be closer and prepare others to be closer to God. That we might have more of Him in our lives by hearing more accurately from the Holy Spirit, (JN.10:27), being more disciplined and courageous in following Him (Rom.8:14), and having a greater manifestation of

His power in our midst (Jn.14:12).

I believe that "the signs of the times", stated in Matt.24 and I Tim. 3, indicated we are living in the "End Times" so we endeavor to prepare believers for the long-ago prophesied upcoming world chaos and imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not in the natural, by building bunkers and stockpiling weapons and food (although as Paul wrote to Timothy that natural preparation does profit a little) but we believe our preparation must be done in the spirit realm.

In order to do this, we preach Holiness, Unity, Faith, and how to be led by God's Spirit: Holiness - not in what one eats, or wears, or how one looks but mostly in attitudes of the heart (Jude 11) (which is probably the area of our greatest challenges), and in family relationships (which are probably the area of our enemies most successful attacks); Unity - We are an interracial church that strives to promote love and understanding between races, nationalities, and economic classes; Faith - which gives us the principles and power that will lead us into the victory that overcomes the world." (I Jn. 5; 14); and "Being Led by the Spirit" through The Word, Prayer, and an intimate relationship with Jesus!

So let’s all keep our eyes on Jesus and His Kingdom and all these things will be added unto us, and the gates of hell will not prevail against us!

In Him

Pastor Bob Pavkacka

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