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Summer Programs

During the summertime, we offer programs like Parent's Night Out and Vacation Bible School to families in our area. You can find more information about these events below.


Sat, June 11th

Parents Night Out

Drop off your kids at the church between 4:30pm and 10:30pm for a child-free date night. While you're out your kids will be entertained with games, activities, and movies. Snacks and food will be provided.
Click here for more information.

Jun 26 - Jul 1st

Vacation Bible School

Monday - Thursday: Drop off at 6:30pm with pickup from 8:30-8:45. On monday same day registration begins at 6pm. You can come pre-registrer your children on Sunday at 11:45am or Wednesday at 7pm. Email for online registration form.
Friday: Family day. Outdoor slide opens at 4:30pm. 

Children will perform at 6:30pm after which there will be food and more outdoor activities.

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